Make a difference in the life of one who is DeafBlind. image

Make a difference in the life of one who is DeafBlind.

Your support provides rehabilitation training, vocational services, and community integration.

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"We met at a mall and walked. The Support Service Provider (SSP) described the different stores and surroundings. It was wonderful being out amongst the living. Hearing the little children squealing and hearing/feeling people coming towards us and away from us. My family is always in a hurry and do not like taking time to look around. Today I could explore and learn the surroundings. I felt so included in society. I did not feel like I was taking up anyone's time. It was such a special gift of freedom. Thank you." MJN

"I am so thankful for your involvement in MC's life. She will be thrilled to swim and exercise again! I would like to explore further options for recreation, continue learning some home-based activities such as simple food prep, setting the table, and continue communication training." AU-S, Guardian

"People are doing great things. I became a client of the Center and a member of the monthly social group, WISH - With Impaired Sight and Hearing. I left for about six years and came back. It is a safe place where I can be me. Relationships are respectful." BH, WISH Committee Member